Tuesday, September 13, 2005

fifteen minutes

I do believe my Cut Your Teeth socks are special. They have introduced me to cute guys and cool guys. People from Kansas/Missouri. And today, they've had their 15 minutes of fame.

The CBS Early Morning Show had one of their people over at the Vermillion Skies cafe where I attended. Everyone was bleary eyed and though we were promised that they would come at 5:00am, the blonde chick didn't come till quarter to 6. I got my knitting out and though I'm very camera shy, right at the end of the show, she insisted on showing my knitting.

The sock was very thrilled and was eager to show off its intricate cuff and ribbed bits. Its mate was knit on twos that I have since misplaced, along with the skein of Knitpicks Zinnia yarn they were hiding in. Bother that, I suppose the 1s that SP sent me are preferrable anyways. The needles strike fear into the hearts of men...or at least, I pretend that they do. Well, I suppose only insomniacs and medical staffing are up early enough anyways and only the insomniacs will be watching. Thank goodness, I'm still not thin. And cameras always put on extra weith, y'know?

But I had an awesome time. John (the 'cool guy' of the above link) was making faces the entire time, which I found most amusing. I think I like him. He amuses me. He's the "bouncer" of the cafe and I kept challenging him. "You steppin? Huh? You wanna mess wit' dis?" and I wave my size 1 needles at him. He takes it all in stride (he does not fear the needles, tch).

Here's hoping the socks make a good segue into the whole knitting club I'd like to get started again at the cafe. I want to hold it more towards the afternoon (say 4pm-ish?). I'm trying not to have it too late, because that's when the crowds come in and Christin, my dear friend and owner, likes to knit but has a priority when it comes to customers.

I'll continue to think about it.

As for Emerson, he just wishes I was knitting up sausages for him to eat. Pikachu was unavailable for questioning.


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Hi there Kerstin! Sorry if I am frustrating you.. There should be one more letter I think than what I see below on your last post. There should be 16 letters total. I give you LOTS of hints in the last letter, so you should be able to put it all together. I think it went out early last week, so you should get it soon :)

  2. hehe, lots of hints, eh, wot? *gringlomps* *gallumphs to your blog*

    You didn't frustrate me at all! I had a lot of fun (though if this post was a little grouchy-sounding, it may be due to 5 hours of sleep and a procrastinating tv-show host. Bah to her!.


  3. The whole concept of cutting teeth seems painful to me. Whoever made up that word of speech should totally go cut their own darn teeth.

  4. Figure of speech. Not word of speech. I'm tarded.

  5. Heh, well, it fits. It's a decently challenging sock pattern and totally cool. I'm planning on making more in the future.