Friday, August 19, 2005

I Blame It On The Moon.

What else would I blame for last night spent in tears over nothing more than music? Blasted hormones. And then a ghastly dream that I blogged and then hid so it wouldn't haunt me again today. It's that miserable moon's fault. But this morning was bright and cool and beautiful. I bullied myself into two miles of walking. Now, I didn't walk it in power-walk mode, merely fast enough to keep my inner coach from pestering me too much (his name shall be mud if he's too mean and yes, my inner coach is a lovely young man...blame it on Mr. Pepper, my former Tae Kwon Do instructor who has partly been inspiration for this coach).

I had lots of acrylic yarn to distribute (destashing effort, you know) so I was busy packing it all off to send. And wouldn't you know it, I reach for a cardboard box and the mean little blighter slitted my middle finger! Now, in an eager attempt to cleanse and possibly stop the pain, I shoved it in my mouth without figuring precisely where the cut was. And when I wiped the excess saliva onto my shirt I realized that the blood must have done a little spurting and now my martial arts shirt (today was not the day to be gorgeous, so it was jeans and shirt day) had a lovely blood print on it. Actually, that may be considered appropriate for the shirt.

Well, after everything was shipped off as cheaply as possible (as much as I aspire to be, I am not yet a billionare and cannot hand deliver items in a personal jet. Some day, though), I came home and decided to check the mail.

The Moon may irritate and annoy, but the Moon also makes merry and lo! there was a package from my beloved SP. You know, she covered the $50 minimum in just shipping her gifts. Lovey, you are SO on my Christmas Gift List. Let me know what your favorite color combo and animal are because...yeah. And don't be bashful, I really really want to do something for you. I will cry if I can't. You don't want to make me cry. /guilt-trip *laugh* But look at this love!

Tea At The Empress. Ten heavenly teabags, just delightful. It reminds me of the Netherlands, both the tea and the tins (I'm half Dutch and so I delight in proper tea). I was opening it and thinking "Gosh, I hope she didn't send chocolate, it'll be a puddle of goo!" Oh but she did. I tried a little taste and it's heavenly. I suppose it goes on crackers? I can think of many uses for it, either way. And the prickly pear marmelade made me giggle. I think I will have that on toast tomorrow. Who would have thought prickly pears would have made proper marmalade? I didn't even conceive of them being edible!

The book: SP, you have read my mind. I've been eyeing that book for so long, but I haven't been able to see it in stores, though the praises for it are high. So, yes, excellent choice! The Yarn: That would be Knitpick's Shadow in Vineyard. It is a rich, dark purple and will be just the thing for my next lace project. Well, as soon as I get over my monogamous knitting (must make corset before the Celtic Chaley at the KC Ren Fest!). Mmm, but it is sure nice to carress and love and snuggle, yes. *puts the yarn away* I'll be back for you later!

Oh, and the scissors, too! They're perfect for small bags, purses, everything! And they're so cute!

Finally, I loved the card and the cross-stitch! Indeed, Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries. And what a mysterious card. When I opened it, little letters fluttered out. I collected all three and then read to find that I will receive more of them in letters to come when my Secret Pal's identity is revealed to me. How enigmatic of you, SP! A fun trick! You are an excellent Secret Pal and I am envious of anyone to receive you as a Secret Pal in the future! You have made me very happy, take a look:

See? Yes, I dared to put my face on the internet because I learned this: when you take a picture of yourself flopped on the bed, your face hides the rest of the bulk. *grin* Oh yes, and normally I don't wear my glasses unless about to go to bed. But my contacts were irritating my eyes, so I decided I'd give my poor eyes a break.

Thank you!


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Oh Kit-- I am so glad you loved it all... I am addicted to that Knit Picks shadow yarn.. and since I saw that you were knitting lace, I thought it would be perfect. Most everything else comes from some recent travels...

    Yes, more letters to come! If you figure it out sooner than later, you must email me! Just a warning, I am going to be gone from the 26th through the 31st... Hopefully I'll be able to check my email at least a few times though :)

    Hugs.. SP

  2. Wow, you are a lucky duck! Great gifts... I am stopping by to ask you to check your button(s) on the sp6 blog!

  3. I love all the SP6 buttons so much, I'm going to have to rotate them on my blog. Thanks for contributing.