Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Not much knitting done lately since I have moved. I didn't go far, though, just down two stories. It was all done in the matter of two to three hours and my uncle, aunt, and three cousins pitched in.

I'm amazed at how strong I am because only my legs are vaguely sore from all the travelling up and down stairs. My arms don't bother me at all! And I was moving heavy things (though I didn't bother carrying anything too heavy, I refuse to go through another two weeks of torment, unable to even roll in bed for fear of my shoulders screaming out in pain).

However, here are a few notes of progress:
I finished and seamed the hood to Rogue.
I am about two inches from working the toe on the second sock of Cut Your Teeth.
I had to frog the first sock of Cut Your Teeth because I made the cuff too short...this isn't necessarily progress, but it is in its own way. It will be longer, stronger!, Shinier! Er, sorry, getting carried away.

Now I just want an opinion. Which would be preferrable for the Rogue:
Zipper or buttons? And by buttons, they would be something like frog clasps on the inside so that the seams would still match up.

Pros and cons of each would be appreciate. And your ultimate opinion.

Remember to smile today!

Postscript: I did find my skein of Knitpicks sock yarn in Zinnia that was hiding my #2 DPNs. It was in one of those sterilite containers that hold my stash. Now THERE was a forehead slapper, oy. *laugh*

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  1. Glad you had an easy move :) Hmm, I think Rogue would look good either way, its more of what you would wear more I guess. For me, I would probably do a zipper since I hardly ever button stuff closed.