Thursday, April 21, 2005

First post and first FO!

Knitting isn't exactly a challenging skill or anything. Honest. Once you get the hang of it, you can start doing it with your eyes closed! Rumor has it that Kit has even been caught dozing off to a knit stitch. True story, but she woke up in time for the end of her row. One must wonder what would have happened if she had been knitting on circulars! She may have slept forever, knit-knit-knit-knitting.

And so Kit has attempted to mix things up a little bit. Try something challenging. No, not a scarf. And she's graduated from hats (though she's interested in playing around with them). She has something new in mind. What is this then?

A sock.

So, she starts a sock. And manages to get to the heel 3 times before she is at a loss at how to turn this heel and frogs the silly thing thrice. But she goes undaunted! This time, she knows what she must do. She casts on 80 stitches and does the ribbing of k2p2 on size 3 needles. That should cover her ankles and fat legs! Then she begins the heel. With the help of some useful websites*, she successfully turns the heel! She tries it on, the heel looks perfect...though something else seems off. Perhaps too much give in the back? But the sock isn't done, perhaps this will straighten out once she is finished.

Then late into last night, she decreases for the toe, tries out the Kitchener Stitch for the first time and voila, she has a sock. And finds that it looks like something her friend Christin would declare "A most wonderful horror!" "A strange and unusual mistake!".

Oh dear. Well, take a look, Kit's sure to frog it again, so giggle while you can.

*Those Websites I Mentioned:
Socks 101
Sock Knitters
And, of course, the Knitty How-To.
Elizabeth Bennett's automatic sock pattern generator.
Algebraic Sock Pattern
Knitty's knitting instructions for toe-up socks

Knitted with KnitPicks Sock Garden in Hydrangea and with size 2 dpns

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