Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Blues

Okay, you know the other shrug I was making with the Blue Bernat Soft Boucle? I can't find anymore of that stuff. Oh sure, I go to the Bernat's website, figured out where I could find it and realize that it's in Michael's. So I trotted on over and couldn't find it...couldn', there's the Bernat Soft Boucle! blue!!! Oh crudmuffins. Well, there is that nice variegated darkblue-blue-bluegreen-mustardyellow yarn. Close enough.

But I was annoyed that they had no more blue. Granted, when I first got it, I got it to make the hair for a plush of Tasuki's buddy from Fushigi Yuugi for an old friend but never did find time to do it (Watsuki is forever unfinished and lying at the bottom of a dumpster somewhere from when I cleaned everything out before I moved). Ah well, this is kinda pretty, too.

And I am going to have to do a cardigan version of Rogue. I'll do it with Futile and whoever else from the the LiveJournal Knitting Community wants to have a go.

And finally, I ordered the stuff from Knitpicks. five skeins of Shine and Shine Twist in Orchid for a future tanktop, two skeins of Sock Garden in Zinnia for, well, socks (duh!), and three skeins of Alpaca Cloud in Iris for the shrug I'm making when I hang out with Krista. ^__^ It totalled about $31 and I paid for it with the money I got from my tax refund (still plenty where that came from, but I ought to be careful, that's future apartment money). I'm really excited for it to come in!

Anyways, that's all for now, this is Kit signing off.

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