Saturday, April 23, 2005

Come By The Hills

So, nary a day passes where I am not deeply entranched in yarn. And I'm contemplating some more! 10 skeins of Shine & Shine Twist in Orchid for a tank and maybe a shirt, too. And two skeins of Sock Garden in Zinnia for some more socks. :3 I know, I'm a yarn whore. But, look, I'm using up some of my stash!

See, I'm making that shrug for my sis. Have a look at the progress!

Barely starting and the color is pretty much straight on
. My sister said it was a gorgeous color and thinks I'm making it for myself, teehee!

I was taking care of the cafe
and I took the shrug with you can see, it's already progressed quite a bit.

Then today, I finally decided I would do something other than knit at the Knitting Group at Vermillion Skies (whose members consist of me and...yeah, me). I brought
The Monster
. I would like to promise here and now that I will never ever ever buy another skein of yarn without going to my LYS* and getting it winded into a ball for me. Never. It took me FOUR HOURS of almost straight winding to get the whole Monster put onto a Sharpie (I'll put it on a dowel for future use, but right now, the sharpie was the right shape and size). And it hurt me every time I had to cut to remove a knot. Ohhh, the pain. So, no matter how much it costs, it's worth it to get it wound for me than endure four hours on my feet of winding. Oy.

And that's my lesson for the day.

*LYS = Local Yarn Store/Shop/Shoppe.

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