Monday, June 21, 2010

And back

Not that I was really ever gone but I thought I would update this.

Ah summer, bright, comfortable, and a perfect time for construction.

Mom had been watching the grandma of our neighbors on both sides of the fence putting clothes up along the back fence to dry and realized that she missed doing the same with her own clothes. So she bought herself an eco-dryer of her own:

There's something meditative and comforting in putting clothes up to dry. And sunlight is sterilizing, not to mention a great bleaching agent. And it smells fantastic.

Anyways, my birthday is coming up and despite the fact that I don't get along with the figures of authority, I did happen to get a rather nice present:

Isn't it pretty?

I loved the orange colors.

But enough for the flower porn. I just love flowers. But there are other plans for my birthday that my sister and brother have in store. I won't reveal it yet, but it's safe to say that I'm incredibly excited. And a little scared. ;)

I have been knitting, of course. I attended WWKIP on June 12 at the Farmer's Market with a few other fellow Utahns, Lis, Kim, Sam, and her mother Libby.

It was cold and a bit muggy but we had plenty to keep us warm and cozy.

We had plenty of visitors and passed out fliers about where and when we meet to knit and hopefully we wind up with a few new knitters and even more hopefully, they'll look as good as us!

And I finally finished a project!

There we go, updated!


  1. What lovely flowers!

    I'm so glad your mom can hang out laundry now. There is something some relaxing about doing that. And who doesn't love sleeping on sheets that dried in the sun?


  2. Exactly how she feels, Cookie! :D And yes, it's amazing.

  3. Who sent the flowers??? And, I will get in touch with you tomorrow with more details!

  4. They were waiting for me at work, Stina. :D