Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's the Rail Trassah!!!

Saturday was the day for our new tradition of summer Heber Creeping. There's a train in Heber that goes along the Provo River and then back up it again. It's a fun ride, takes about 30 minutes or so to go down to the park where we had a small picnic and then hopped back on to go back up.

The kids seemed to have fun. Actually, they did, I caught them in a bored/serious/unfocused/unposed moment.

See? It wasn't so bad. I think that's a smile.

Nothing better than screaming or shouting at the birds/horses/shrubbery/cars.

And blackening the hands and knees by crawling all over the train and playing/drinking with the sippy cup.

It was fun to snatch at the leaves until the conductor told us to stop because it might tear up our hands (and hurt the trees though he didn't mention that bit).

We saw what looks like a bald eagle nesting though there are alternate reports that it might be a buzzard. Well, I'll call it a bald eagle and get Coolness Points.

Speaking of coolness, have some videos. Here's the brother just enjoying the ride:

And a real hijack of the Heber Creeper!

Pretty fun day, I didn't even get sunburned, hooray for sunblock!

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  1. I'm so glad you came! You definitely put some spice into Robertson time. I'm glad this is our new tradition!