Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"What are we looking at and why are we looking at it?" - MST3k

Mom had no idea what to get me for my birthday. The items on my Amazon wish list were all "too small" to get me, she wanted to get me Something Good. So I racked my brain and I remembered something I saw while at the last visit to IKEA. I told her about it and she was thrilled. So yesterday, we ran to IKEA and with our hulking muscles, we hefted the 90lb bookcase, four wicker baskets, a closet shoe organizer, and a 6-pack of cinnamon buns into the mini van. The buns were so hard to say 'no' to but I managed to only eat one half. The rest went to sis and her babies. Thank you! I hate temptation.

So, with a hammer and my BoHo Pandora station, mom and I put together my latest bit of gorgeous furniture. And here it is:

Gorgeous, no? I've already filled those baskets with yarn according by weight and importance and now my closet looks a lot more bare. Awesome.

The day before, we made Daisy's day and took her to Petsmart.

She's sooo excited to be there!

Oh yes, here's what we came for. A new chain to replace the one that got misplaced.

But what's this? A stand off by the cat-adoption area? Those dogs look pretty worrisome.

Aww, nevermind, they're a trio of lambs with a thirst for headscritches. Everyone was quite polite as far as dogs can be polite.

Daw, happy ending, no one went home with bite marks or hurt feelings from silent snarls. Isn't it wonderful?

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  1. Very nice!

    Love getting to see Daisy, too.