Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm so sweaty from running. I enjoy it but at night I am not a bit queasier than I am in the morning. Durn water and heavy stomachs.

But yes, I had finished the Radiance Cabled Jacket but, well, it lacks a button band. And putting in a crocheted edge just causes an unfortunate series of gaps. So, after consulting with Libilou at the knitting group at our new and beautiful place, the Chocolate (and Dessert) Cafe in Orem, I have decided to just unravel the row, add a few yarn overs and some more rows and voila! button band.

The Magic Mirror socks are coming along but I've been busy and I've been lazy and I've been doing other things. Such is life.

I started reading Trader by Charles deLint and though heaven spare me from wanting to strangle him when yet another character sings the praises of Saint Jilly (she is in nearly EVERY DANG BOOK and she is always soooo marvelous and everyone loooves her and everyone's so curious about her dark and mysterious past that she refuses to acknowledge ever with her unfailing cheeriness--HEY CHUCKY, EVER HEAR OF A MARY SUE???) it still seems interesting, about a couple of guys who somehow trade bodies. Knowing deLint, this won't be some goofy sweet Freaky Friday but something very spiritual. There might even be some tribal mythology. I am very rarely disappointed with deLint, which is why Jilly probably ticks me off so very badly. It's just a stupid Mary Sue that he's so attached to when he has so many other, more enchanting characters.

Finally, I want to share an earworm.

Coin Operated Boy

Best wishes on your engagement to Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer!

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