Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to Kit's Winter Ravelympics 2010

Today was cold but rainy, I was fairly certain that much work would commence today. I did not foresee the hurdle that a particular TGIO Valentine's Party would create. Not only did I forget to pack a washcloth for the facials (and had already put on my warrior paint that I did not wish to remove) but I had already disposed of any old bras that would have made good kindling (not really) for the fire we had. Alas.

As I work on my Corsica, I reflect on my training that has gotten me thus far.

I have most recently finished a Newsy Cabled Cap for a good friend of mine who had pointed out a similar hat found on Amazon but for $30. I knew I could finish it for less money, if one did not count man hours on it and I accomplished just that:

I also trained for my Lace Luge event by whipping up a pair of Magic Mirror Socks .

As I forge on forward, I anticipating finishing both Corsica and Aeolian, the lace project that has been sitting in hibernation since July. But that means less talk, more knit.

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