Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I remember reading Julie of the Wolves and something that forever stuck with me was the idea that if you're not happy, to change what you're doing. I should take that advice a LOT more often.

Yesterday mom and I were discussing the bill for yet another semester at Excelsior Online. Now, I was trying to psych myself up to take the Clinicals again to get my RN but not only was I hesitant to go through the whole emotional trauma but I also didn't want to have to pay $2k on top of the price of traveling and staying at a hotel. So mom and I discussed it and we both decided, it was time to quit. Time to walk away.

But that doesn't mean that I'm walking away from my dreams. There is a good university nearby with a good nursing program with an option to stop once I got my associates. However, I think I will go straight for my Bachelor's.

And I am incredibly thrilled for it.

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