Monday, January 11, 2010


It's always the first week of the new year where I am really jazzed up. I expect a lot out of this year but I'm wise enough to realize that if I want anything out of this year, I have to put a lot more into it.

For one, I want to be more social. So I went to ward prayer and socialized. I went to the ice-skating rink and socialized. I went to church and didn't get a new calling socialized. Yeah, go me!

I also want to run another 5k. The Santa Run was incredibly exciting and it was such a rush. So now I'm resolved to walk and run every day excepting weekends on my treadmill. I haven't decided what my first 5k of 2010 will be, but I do know that I want to run it straight, no walking. So, I'm planning on maybe April to do that? Perhaps May. As long as it's not too cold.

I have no weight-loss goals. Numbers don't work on me, I don't really care about pounds or sizes. My body seems to have settled where it is and that's fine by me.

I do intend on eating better, though. More fiber, more fruits, more veggies, less crap. Not doing so well with that at the moment. It has to do with Christmas leftovers but eh, Christmas/New Year's comes once a year. Why not live a little?

I did quite a bit of crafting for people for Christmas this year. I crocheted a cloche for one friend and an amigurumi for another...actually, if I'm going to break down what I knitted for others, I might as well make it a good list:

Salto - These are for my aunt and I haven't given them to her yet. But they were a good knit.

Then, a pair of Marquis Gauntlets but I didn't manage to get them finished before Laura went off to Armenia (where the trees are made of wood!).

Then I made a pair of Fox-Faces Socks (Ravelry Link) for my sister:

And my bro needed a Manly Motorcycle Scarf (pdf link):

Mom got a beautiful Damson made with Mean Girl Yarn in Heartless Tart:

My niece, Jordyn, got a pair of Angel Socks:

My friend Kristy got an Argent amigurumi:

And then I made a Cloche (Ravelry Link) for my friend Melanie:

And finally I thought I ought to make something for Emily so I whipped up a pair of Queen City Mitts:

I've been busy and I'm happy to just work on my own things. For now.

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