Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And walk away. Just walk away.

Ever had one of those projects where just thinking about it made you wish it was already over or even never begun? That the knitting of it is not a pleasure but a pain and gives you anxiety? What do you do about it?

It was the Belle Cardigan (Ravelry link) knit on size 17 and 19 US needles and for someone who hasn't knitted on anything bigger than a size 4 needle for a while, it was BIG. Broomsticks and rope, my friends. That's what it felt like. So I finally put it away. Just stuck it in one of my under-the-bed containers and shoved it out of sight. What a relief! It's gone!

I also put away my lace. Sorry, no Mystery Stole this year, I can't stand it. Maybe later.

Then I needed something to keep my little fingers busy.

It's the Viking Socks and if you're a Danish speaker, it's even better but she does have them in English if you want them. I call them my Money socks because they are nice and green and may bring me to my next job.

Oh! So today I hung out with my fellow Rubbernecker, CeliaAnne! She is a real doll and I wish I had gotten to know her sooner. It just figures, right? Anyways, she gave me a going-away present of an African Butterfly clip. Now, I used to have thick, coarse hair that went all the way to my hips and lower and I just left it because there was never much to DO with it. And now that I'm off cyclosporine, my hair has gotten silky and pretty thin and I still don't know what to do with it. Alligator clips are awkward and ponytails are old. But I have never seen or worked with an African Butterfly clip before and seriously, it's amazing. My hair doesn't slip out (well, other than the hair that frames the face because it's ornery like that), it doesn't go anywhere, it *stays*! I kept poking at it and then grinning and going "This is sooo neat!". You're right, Celia. I *will* be poking you for more (and paying, of course). It's the best thing ever!

And that's it for today, y'all. Ha, I went to Applebees and our waiter must have just learned how to say "y'all" because he kept using it. Interesting note: "y'all" is meant to be singular or refer to particular people within a group. "All y'all" refers to the entire group. Personally, I don't use 'y'all' too much, I was raised a bit too European to be intimately comfortable with it. Maybe if I'm lazy typing. Which I'm clearly not today.

One last picture:

That's right, it's official now. Sorry to all my midwest friends. :/ I'll miss you.

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