Monday, September 29, 2008

Mein Hut, er hat kein Ecken

So, I do have a few things that just flew off the needles. Nothing easier in the world than...HATS! I love a good hat. Un fortunately, I frequently do not look good in hats. Like berets. I couldn't figure out how to look good in a beret but I bet my weight loss makes it work a little better now. Check this out:

A hat for my friend, disillusioned made out It was fun to take a pattern and kind of make my own based off it.

And then I made one of my own out of some KnitPicks Alpaca Silk in Lettuce:

Cute, huh? And nice and warm, too. And just in time because it's about to cool off around here.

There's only ten days left here. Today Daisy and I startled a group of Canadian Geese and they flew off, automatically getting into formation as they cleared the trees to go to another spot to rest and I realized that I don't think Utah has Canadian Geese. Ahh well, they don't have Canadian Geese poop all over the road either. Heh.

What's changing where you're at?

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