Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Same people, new scenery

Well, I've been in Utah with my parents for over a week. We got in the Sunday before last and we took off looking for houses the very next day. Mom and I looked at about six a day and it was an eye-opener. Many of the people would have messy homes, which really put me off. Also, many people refused to leave the house while we looked through and when you have a buyer look through your home, you really don't want to hear them comment on how small the bathrooms are or how dark the basement. And they don't want to have to tip-toe around you.

By Thursday, we finally decided on 4 houses to show Dad, who is gone all day at work and couldn't come with us. On Friday, he came with us and we all decided that the house we liked best was the one that had never been lived in before:

It's still under construction and when it's done, it'll have grass in front and back, sprinkler systems and two trees as sanctioned by the city.

It has a study just off the entrance:

And a powder room:

The basement, where I'll be living, is immense. I could upgrade from a twin to a full or even queen-sized bed with plenty of room left over. Not that I will, I am used to my twin. Every room has a walk-in closet, so nice. The master bath even has a separate closet for the toilet, keeping the rest of the bathroom hygienic. This made me so happy, I don't understand or approve why people have to put a toilet beside the bathtub. Ew.

Anyways, there is clearly a lot of work to be done but we've been promised that the home will be finished within 2 weeks. In the meantime, we're all living in a La Quinta Inn, which is nice and has a tremendous view of Utah Lake but just isn't home, even WITH the free breakfast (waffles every morning if I want, not that I really want, but the option is there). But I share my Daisy's sentiment, I just want to go 'home'. *sigh*

In the meantime, I have been having the best time hanging out with my siblings and seeing my niece and nephews. My sister still looks lovely and slender from the back but she's got a lovely baby bump in front. And my brother and I have been having an awesome time just hanging out, talking, and even going to Borders and the mall today. I forgot how much I missed my siblings, I love them so much.

And then there's my friends. I went to Thanksgiving Point with a bunch of them to wander aimlessly through a corn "maize" (hurrhurrwhatever) dressed in a kimono that I borrowed from my friend Melanie and cheap long-haired black wig, sort of like the girl from The Ring except she wasn't wearing a kimono, but whatever. It got the effect I was looking for. It was fun for the first half hour, but when the 'clues' led us nowhere and the rough terrain was hurting us all, we started looking for a way out in earnest and within another half hour or so, we got out. There were cookies and hot chocolate awaiting us. Ahh, so nice and really, so much fun. My friends here are very down-to-earth, goofy, single people who are comfortable with who they are. They make me feel grounded and strong. I love them and I look forward to making more friends. :)

I still miss Lawrence, though.

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