Saturday, September 27, 2008

I forbid you maidens all to wear gold in your hair

There is no argument that I need to update this blog a lot more frequently, despite the fact that I lose readers when I do. Aw well, who cares, people need to know what's going on! I love the rest of you. :D

So, here's where I am with knitting. I want to knit but it's kind of a vague, half-heated desire. I've created a few things but there's no passion. I think I might need to use up my sock yarn but yeah, like I need more socks right? I could use a scarf, some mittens, another sweater but socks? Pssht. Well, okay, some of my socks are in a sad state and could use replacing. Hmm. Do I *feel* like socks? No, not really.

You know, though--I think this lack of wanting to knit anything is related to the fact that I've been without a job for a while. I quit Hy-Vee when my skin started tearing itself up (and no, it hasn't gotten better) and I haven't been employed since because that was right when I was going to Utah and LA and when I got back, I felt that I should distinctly not find one again. There was the whole move looming overhead and it was a good decision, but one that has left me feeling a little despondent. And if I did what I knew was good for me, I wouldn't be left feeling like this. But sometimes I give myself very good advice that I never take.

So. Moving to Utah. This means I'll be applying for my nursing license out there and then getting a job. More than likely, I'll go back to working part time for the USH mental hospital. We don't call it a "mental hospital" but dang it, that's what it is. You don't go there for busted limbs, you go there for busted minds and please don't call me on being politically incorrect. Sometimes I am. And sometimes, the sky is blue, sometimes a dog's poop stinks.

For now, I'm waiting.

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