Friday, July 04, 2008

Un-lighted States

I can't say much about the Fourth Of July. I mean, go us, we were awesome 232 years ago. We thumbed our nose at British oppression, decided we'd make a stand, told them we didn't need their stinkin' tea or their stinkin' religion and they couldn't say anything about it.

And now, we're robbing ourselves of everything we'd fought for so long ago. Think about it.

Anyways, I've been quiet on *this* blog. Heh, what can I say? Most of my life-stuff gets posted over on LJ. But other than running and seeing the scorched imprint of a foot on the ground (yeah, THAT was a quick trip to the ER, I betcha) and nearly getting bit by the same dang dog that bit me 7 years ago (and I was ready to release some Tae Kwon Do whoop-bottom on that hound, let me tell you and nevermind the bleeding heart who'd be ticked that I kicked their stinking dog into a coma - DO NOT MESS WITH ME), there's little going on. So I shall share some photos instead. :)

I made dinner the other night (English Muffin pizzas, yummy and only 3 points or so for 3 halves) and for dessert, Tad's Sno Cones! Mom got the Sunrise and she was very happy about it.

And as I was walking to Hy-Vee for said pizzas, I saw a fellow knitter and her truck!

The night before I attended a boozeless booze party for a person who was turning 21. We were playing poker and I had far too many Jello Shots.

Fourth of July was pretty cool, they brought out a horse, who wasn't too impressed by the skeet shooting (this was out in the country, y'all). I took a picture of its eye. So artsy.

And we done blowed stuff up:

I hope everyone else made Big Boom in a safe environment where no scorched imprints of your stupidity are left on the concrete for a good three months.

Now I need to get a picture of *that*.

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