Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boom de ya da

I didn't exercise today. I walked for 10 minutes when I took the dog for her morning toileting but otherwise, I stayed where it was shady and cool. I even slept in, though doing so caused me to dream strange dreams. Ah well, that's the price paid for doing so.

I have a routine, though. I write it up on my whiteboard before I go to bed and then as I do those things on the list, I erase them with a finger. It works well that way. But I find I can't alternate writing with spinning. I end up getting distracted by the spinning and don't get my wordcount in with my writing. And it's not like the story is boring, though I want to get to a part I haven't rewritten five different times before, that would be nice.

Mom's home from Corpus Christi tomorrow and Auntie Flo is beating me with her energy sapping stick. I try to defy her but every time, she lays me out flat so let's see how much I can get cooked/cleaned up before mom gets home before I pass out or cry.

Oh yes, and check out yesterday's fog:

If it's so humid that you can't see down the street, it's way too humid to run. And it was 70 degrees. I was already feeling damp as soon as I stepped outside. No thank you. XP

Also, if you want to check out what I'm spinning:
This is what I intend to have all spun up for Tour de Fleece. I'm sure it's a tencel merino but it must not have come with a label because I wouldn't have just tossed something like that. Or would I? Sometimes I'm a real moron. But I got it from the Renaissance Festival.

And this is an artsy photo what I had to unload off my full spindle:

It's not very even, I'm still such a n00b at spinning but I like it and I find that park'n'draft works a lot better for me than just letting it drop. Ah well.

Yes, I shamelessly copied and pasted from my LJ.

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