Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A few things

So, how was the Ren Fest part 2?

Fantastic! (For those on Bloglines, I have some videos here you might want to click over to my post to see.)

And then some! All the walking around and so on has helped me drop an extra pound which I definitely did not mind.

I've been knitting, trust me. But I've also been doing many other things. My new job at the grocery store is pretty nice, it's great to go in and not have to get pills ready and there's that pressure that wow, if I screw up, someone might get really sick or really dead. The worst that will happen is that I forget to put garbanzo beans on the palate for tomorrow's salad. Oooops! At least it's not like someone's very important cardiac med! And everyone's been really tolerant of my mad-capped behavior (like pretending to vomit when throwing out the cream of potato soup. Though I've worn out that joke. After two times no one thinks it's funny anymore) and highly friendly.

I've also discovered Knitmap.com and added my own comments as well as a yarn store that I particularly disliked (the ones I did like were already on the map). I think it's a fantastic resource, though I hope more people comment because otherwise it's no different from searching for yarn stores in a certain area on Google Maps.

Kansas is still holding firmly onto summer around here. The high is about 90+ today and I am dying for some cooler weather to motivate me to finish this sweater. After two more inches of yoke knitting, I will only have to sew in the sleeves and crochet a belt. Yes, I can crochet, no problem. It'll probably take me another week.

As for school, I'm about to call and see where my application went because they have been sitting on it for far too long. I know they got it, though, because they took the money out of the credit card already (expensive, whew!) and now I am waiting for an appointment.

And for some final news, I am now officially a columnist on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum. I'm very excited about this, I have some interesting ideas coming up. I'll be posting Saturday so keep your eyes open!

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