Saturday, October 20, 2007

You may want to look away

One of the incomplete projects that I had sitting around were some unequal socks. In that, I had to bind off the second sock far shorter than the first. Thank goodness the pattern was toe-up. But there were a few steps I had to go through to fix.

Here are the socks. As you can see, the one's far larger than the other.

So I lined 'em up.

Gave the big 'un a good snippity snip.

Picked out all the little bits and pieces and threw the extra all in the trash (oh, what was I going to do with it, keep it as a swatch? Get over it).

Then I start unravelling. Aww, me and my stumpy hands.

And, of course, kept unraveling until it was as short as I wanted.

And with one last row unraveled, stitch-by-stitch so I can put it on needles, I am set to finish up the sock for the right size.

Fun stuff! And it's not the only sock I'm working on. After realizing that my collection of nice warm socks is--well--rather small, I have started a new pair of Pomatomus with some STR Puck's Mischief.

It may end up being a little bit too muddy, we'll see.

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