Monday, September 24, 2007

Ninjas in Kilts?

I went to the Renaissance Festival the other day with Mary and her niece and nephew, two kids who are almost as cute as my own niece and nephews (what can I say? I'm slightly biased) and made the Ren Fest quite amusing. It was the Kilt-ic weekend but strangely enough, I didn't see a whole lot in the way of kilts. What I did see? Ninjas. Ninjas wearing Naruto Headbands. Talk about your double-takes, Anime Banzai was haunting me all the way from Salt Lake City!

Anyways, I didn't buy any yarn, do any knitting, or craft at all. But if you'd like, my best bud, Briana sent me a link to a fun little dragon you could put together for yourself: 3D Dragon Guy. Warning, it opens to a .pdf file!

I did, however, buy a copy of Tartanic's UnStoppable CD. Listen to some of those files, they're definitely outrageous. And they're also still together despite rumors to the contrary (Marc, you are in so much trouble).

And I'm still hacking away on Breton's sleeves, trying to get them done before I have to linger too long in the over-cold salad department at HyVee, my new place of employ. I'm trying to get over my embarrassment of working there but sometimes I am very glad that I'm going to be in the back most of the time where I don't have to risk being spotted by nursing colleagues, shh.

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