Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mom and I went swimming again for the first time in about a year. I've missed it because it was a time to bond and exercise at the same time. I'm really excited to start doing it again. I've forgotten, however, how much it really requires you to use those deltoids and pectorals. Phew!

I finished the Breton Jacket but I have to knit/crochet the belt that goes with it and that may take a little time because I don't have the right crochet hook, nor do I want to mess with it either. I think knitting a belt using the linen stitch will be more effective, though it requires you to use a buckle. Pfft, I don't need no stinkin' buckle. I'll tie it like I tied all my Tae Kwon Do belts, the same ones that stayed in place just fine while I was taking the class.

But that does mean pictures will be delayed.

However, when pictures ARE forthcoming, I will show you something truly horrifying and suitable for Halloween.


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