Wednesday, August 17, 2005

yeah yeah, going back on going back on my promise.

By popular request (trans: got two people asking "hey, I thought you were gonna post about this!"), here 'tis.

The Joy Of Being A Woman

It seems that these days, it's not just men who can make us feel a bit foolish about not being born with a penis, but women too. For example, during my LPN days, one nursing professor (the one who taught the OB/GYN rotation, ironically) would go on about how PMS was man's excuse to say that women were too unstable to hold positions of power or prestige. "Just think!" she would exclaim, "Would you trust someone running for office who went completely irrational once every month? I sure wouldn't!" And then she would proclaim that there really was no such thing as PMS.

Obviously she'd been through menopause too long ago to remember that she, too, would get the hormonal red light flashing. Personally, I would say that I am perfectly rational when it comes to important decisions when my body is giving me the hormonal red light. I'm just not very sociable. And slights, real or imagined, can make me angry enough to cry. Now, granted, if I were to burst into tears in the middle of a board meeting or something, that would make me seem a little bonkers, but in all, I think that this professor of mine was pretty much filling our class with unresearched, unreasonable, and unprofessional bull.

But the great part about women is that men tend to trip over themselves for us a lot of the time. I remember reading about how to catch men with just a glance in Memoirs Of A Geisha. So one day...I tried it. You know what? If you can do it right, it works. It really does. How's that for fun?

Girls also have much nicer clothes with a better variety. This includes knitting pattern. Men canNOT wear shrugs, stoles, or shawls. Women can and it's awesome.

Women also smell nicer. Not that men stink.

And can have better manners. Not that all men are pigs.

It's hard to put a finger on it, but I also think men are more fun to watch than women and it would be awkward for me personally to be a man watching men. (Not that I haven't had odd dreams where I was a man and wishing I was a woman because some of the dream men were quite good-looking...though I've never been an ugly man in my dreams either).

I dunno, feminists just seem to have this need to be more manly than men and I find that to be less than fun. Just be what you are and enjoy it!

P.S. working madly on Rogue until I get the stuff to make this lovely corset. There, that's my knitting for the blog.


  1. I dunno, I'm a pretty girly girly, and I'm also one of the staunchest feminists I know...

    As for the male argument that a woman with PMS couldn't run the show, men with testosterone have been doing it, with some pretty adverse testosterone-driven effects, in my opinion. We've all got hormones, and both the male and female flavors seem to make us crazy whack-jobs at various times, right? :)

  2. Andrea - Obviously, I didn't mean ALL feminists. ;) Personally, I'm a bit of a feminist m'self. I wouldn't dream of cowtowing to a man and being barefoot and preggers. And my dad and I have hard our own disagreements about what a woman should do or be. I'm just talking about the militant feminists that you occassionally see on television. Scary.