Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lace and tea

Remember once upon a time when the Mystery Stole was barely a square patch of lace? It was so cute and it seemed like it would never really grow, not much and certainly not fast. It's been quite a while since that picture was taken's gotten bigger. And made friends.

That glass of dark and mysterious liquid is none other than a steamy glass of Fruit Medley from Adagio Teas. It tastes a bit like fruit loops, which I guess was the point. Mmm. Very nice with a good tangy aftertaste. And I have more tea to test out because mommy was so very very nice and got me the infusetea thinger (hehee, isn't it cool to see it? It's even more fun to play with after you figure out how to make the water come out...well, I'm sure you will all figure it out in moments, I was going nuts trying to figure it out. Some days I'm not a very bright monkey) and it came with a selection of samples. The samples come in little tins that will make you 10 cups of tea, enough for you to enjoy. I think I put a bit too much fruit medley in the infuster, though. Whatever, it was good anyways.

As for my health, as of last Sunday, I have stopped waking up to sharp pains in my arms. No, my arms didn't fall off, though I was worried for a minute not really. My arms have recovered and the rest of me has pretty much, too. This means that I can resume my evening walks and next time I have to move heavy boxes, I'm going to recruit someone ELSE to ruin themselves over my possessions. Even my church buddy said I should have done that. Bah, silly Kit.

And now I'm itching to do a little writing. Study? What study? Notebook? The one in my satchel? Hush! I'm trying desperately ignore it, so leeme alone.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I love your stole! How beautiful. I love Adagio teas too :) -SP

  2. Whatever happened to that joy of bein a woman thing?

  3. Yeah, I was waiting to read the Joy of Being a woman post too. I love tose, especially the single versions.

    Now next time you ahve something to move, you jsut remember that that's one of teh reasons God has men and women going to church toegether, so that they guys are there to be asked to do the heavy lifting.