Sunday, June 19, 2005

One last thing before I go...

When next I blog, it shall be from Kansas. The humidity will make my hair come to life and look akin to something the Yarn Harlot is always going on about. Oh bother. But, I will be with some old friends who love knitting as much as I do, which I sort of miss. I guess that's the kick in the arse to get me to go to the SnB in SLC when I get back.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo, yeah, the FO's. On the left we have The Pinkies. They fit me mum perfectly (of course, she's the model). Though I've not said who the recipient is and she hasn't mentioned anything other than the fact that she *loves* them, I think she knows that it's pretty much hers. And yet I'm not sure if I should wait until Christmas or just go "Oh here, take them already". Ah well.

Then came the sleeves. I finished them and started to give them a nice bath in cold water and Woolite. They took to it well, though the dye...didn't. But, to the delight of the Kit, they remain the same lovely color and though I don't have any 'after' pictures of blocking, here's my very first blocking attempt ever. Next time, I'm not putting a damp towel under them. (Please forgive the shoddy pictures, my camera is a tad finicky at times. Also, forced perspective means that the sleeves look off, but they really are pretty much similar length.)

Okay, I'm headin' off (ooh, found my Vogue Knitting, yay...lousy losing things in the scanner, I'll show it! *muttergrumbleshakesfist*). I'll have long-car-trip pictures soon.

P.S. Hey, SP: I'm already using your wonderful stitchmarkers for the body of Rogue. ;) They're a delight, thank you again!


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Love the socks! How cute and they fit her wonderfully!

    The sleeves are going to be great! Can't wait to see the FO!

    Have a great time in KS and take lots of pics :) Glad the stitchies worked out for you :)


  2. I hope your hair is ok.

  3. *laugh* with the help of clips and elastic bands it is.