Friday, June 17, 2005

Long post of gushy happiness!

Night before last, around 1am, I was still online, chatting with Red when the power died completely. I was suddenly bathed in darkness, in mid-stitch on my Rogue sleeves. Suddenly all the repressed thoughts and memories of the movie The Grudge fight to come to the surface. But instead, I just check to see what's going on. Oh, look, there are people over there...oh, right, they were going to work on the power through the night. Nice. So, I head back into my room and by feel, I find my lighter and the tea lights that I keep for my oil-burner. I lit 5 of them and with that, I got ready for bed. But, I didn't want to leave my Rogue in that position. I was almost done with the decreases! So, I grabbed the tealights, but them all on my nightstand and finished up the two rows. Heh, silly. But, I have great news...I finished the sleeves for the Rogue!

And now...the Mystery Stole. I knew it would get hairy soon. I guess I'd better learn how to do lifelines (um, how hard can that be? Bah, silly Kit). Phew, 81 inches...that will make for a beautiful drapey thing. I mean, 7 feet of beautiful stole love! I don't think many people will be ready for Clue 4 when it comes next week, I know I won't.

Now, despite the power outage of the night before, yesterday was Good Karma Love day. I'm not entirely sure what happened. Everyone else seemed to have a miserable day yesterday, but I had an absolutely fantastic day! It started off with going to Suncoast and buying my friend Red a Predator plush (from AvP, she LOVES the Predator) and some DragonFire gum. Happy birthday, Red! My dad came along because he had to pick up his pants he'd ordered from Mr. Mac's. So we were walking along and I pointed out Spirited Away. He picked it up and said "You've got this, don't you?" "Hmm? No, not yet, though I plan on buying it sometime, I just never have gotten around to it." (nevermind that I have bought it for other people, ahem). And so he said "Well, since it's going to be your birthday soon and I like it too, I'll get it for you." Oh dear, my dad...he's such a darling, I love him.

So, then I get home and it'd been a few days since I checked the mail...if we never got any of the junk mail and the coupons, it wouldn't get so bad. And I noticed the keys to the package mailboxes were both missing. But I didn't think anything ove it because I didn't see it in the mail. It wasn't until I came back inside and sorted through the mail that I found that one of the package mailbox keys was right there. I tried not to get my hopes up, but...well, I pranced right back to the box and with a little fiddling, I opened it. Heeheehee...and dashed that box right back to my room! It wasn't until I started opening it that I decided I'd better document my SP's wonderful gift.

I got a beautiful card (that I failed to photograph, for shame!) that wished me a happy birthday (you have such lovely handwriting, SP. Ever thought of working in the medical field? You'd be adored) And a little PS post-it apologizing for only having bought one skein of KnitPicks Vineyard socks. Don't worry about it, I know just what to do with it. ;) Anyways, I began to open and the first thing I see is some Color Your Own 100g of Merino yarn from Knitpicks. It came with some awesome Koolaid colors (blue, purple, red, and yellow).It also came with some awesome Knitty instructions on how to do the whole thing properly. There was much exciting squeakings. But wait, there's more!

I finally decided to do this all properly and lay out everything I found in that box, sans the paper. I think I went into a knitting version of ferret shock. I was squeaking and giggling as my dad sat and waited for me to finish up loving my SP.

I just love everything. Dragon stickers, yay! Itty bitty little #1 sock knitting needles of high class and quality. The stitch markers are beautiful (did you make them yourself, SP?)! If you can't see it in the picture, the charms say "Create", "Believe", "Laugh", and "Live". Gorgeous! And the book looks incredibly exciting. Everything just made my day super. I hope Karma doesn't come and go "Hey, you greedy thing, share some goodness with everyone else!" and take the good stuff away, because I'm so on a high. Thank you so much!!! ^____^d

And now I need to figure out how to spoil MY SP rotten. Lawrence has some AWESOME stores downtown that I think I should use to put things together. Trinket candles come to mind. Hemp yarn like crazy (Lawrence is a crazy granola hippy college town like no other) and who knows what else. ^___^

*so happy*


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    That stinks you lost power! I had the same thing happen to me before... and don't you worry, I did the same thing you did :)

    Glad you liked everything.. It seems as though you enjoy knitting socks so I figured I would run with it! It's so much fun giving, isn't it!? Yay! :)

    Have a VERY happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful trip out to Kansas! -SP

    Oh, and yes, I did make the stitch markers :)

  2. Hey, you should obscure your address on that picture. I'm not gonna stalk you, but somebody else just might... :)

  3. Andrea: Ah yes, thank you for the warning, I didn't think of that. Now the addresses are obscured. ;)

    SP: Actually, losing power was a lot of fun. *laugh* I shine in adversity. Giving is awesome, so is receiving. Thank you so much, I'll have a great trip to Kansas. ^^d And you do a wonderful job with the stitch markers.

  4. My mystery stole is currently at almost 5 inches. To say that I'm not ready for clue 4 is like saying that in the summer it's warm. But I'll get there.

    What a fun package!

  5. I feel the same way about the clue #4. Besides, it's getting a wee bit warm for working with yarn, even lace-weight. I tried knitting yesterday with my friend and my hands got sweaty, the aluminum needles got sticky and all around I thought "Ew, knitting in 94 degree weather with 95% humidity is for the birds!"