Friday, June 03, 2005

If knitting is a madness... least I'm working at the right place. I'm not kidding either. I decided last night to go along with the Mystery Stole-Along. It sounded intriguing and I've got all the supplies already. Finally, something I can do with the Alpaca Cloud that's been sitting in my dresser going "But you loved me! You even brought me to your LYS so I could be delicately wound with care! What happened? *sob*". Highly irritating when yarn gets blubbery on you, y'know. It's amusing, though. My stash is so small, I feel a little self-conscious about it. All my natural fibers in one drawer (well, with some eyelash yarn because I figure I'd better treat it nice, it will make fun edging for something) and all my acrylics shoved and stuffed and stomped into a plastic storage container. I treat them less nice.

The efforts of Day 5The efforts of Day 6The Rogue didn't get much attention on Wednesday since I had to work from 2:30pm to 11pm. I just can't knit much when it's late and I'm tired. Ironic, I know, because that's also when I get the most time to knit because I'm a little night owl. Ah well, I'm done with the Aran part of it, so now it's straight stockinette. That's okay with me at the moment because with all the studying I've got ahead of me, stockinette's a nice background activity, as long as I don't kill my wrists over it. Carpal Tunnel is not my friend, no sir.

Also, I have a little HTML goodie for you guys. If you look on the side bar and scroll down almost all the way to the end (note to self: clean up side bar), you'll see a fun little banner for my knit blog. Feel free to partake of the friendly HTML down below, copy and paste and all that good stuff and put it up on your blog. Huzzah for banners!

And I leave you with my own personal horoscope today: Tie up loose ends before they become snarled. The stars will smile on your efforts. I feel that they're talking about getting Rogue done before the Mystery Stole. Ha ha ha, I laugh in the face of the stars!

*trundles off for breakfast and a wrist brace*


  1. Cute button!
    I joined the mystery stole knitalong, too, but I don't want to jinx my progress by posting a button. ;-)

  2. Hmm, you shouldn't knit tired. it's true, I once frogged a shawl three times in a anti-histamine/fatigue haze.