Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Party of 4 rocking it for the 8th year

Imagine my insides like that. Only with another "TRANSPLANTED KIDNEY" on the other side, too. Oh yeah, and the original kidneys are like little raisins. And possibly the third looks like a fig. When they stop working, the body efficiently gets rid of them so it's not like it's really crowded in here.

Did you know that your kidneys are like the brain's brain? We all know it's like the coffee filter of the body but it also regulates various hormones that control blood pressure, calcitrol for calcium absorption, and stimulates the making of red blood cells in your bone marrow. Pretty awesome because the brain takes its cues on how the body is doing from the kidney.

And I know how it feels when it goes wrong. It isn't pretty. It's cold. It's like a constant bad flu with lack of any sort of appetite, always nauseated, always tired. Going through that for a few years was very hard, I'm so very glad I got my kidney. And 8 years later, I'm doing incredibly fantastic.

Cheers all, have some cranberry juice! On me!

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