Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"No one can make us inferior without our consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Interesting quote, that one. It's almost as if we have the CHOICE to feel inferior. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me unless I choose to let them.

There is so much power when one realizes that we have choices. I made the choice when I was young, perhaps about seven or eight, to be a nurse. I have come a LONG way from that little girl who saw her favorite nurse skillfully work with the sick and healthy, who understood that a sickness does not just affect the patient but the entire family and social network. But that was a choice I made and I have never left off of it and now look where I am.

I made the choice last winter to study daily in my textbook. I've not missed many days (though I allow myself a little slack when I'm knitting like mad for Sock Madness 3) and I have gone through 2 and a half text books. Some days that choice is harder to make than others but I'm still making it and it gets easier.

Life is all about choices. We have the power. No one can make us do anything we don't want. There is always an either/or.

What choices are you making?

I know I left everyone hanging with that picture of Edward Elric. I apologize, I wanted to wait until I gave the birthday girl her present and I was a little late in doing it. But I am free to show you all now:

He looks like he's dancing, doesn't he? I love him. I am glad I found those gold buttons for his eyes, they look far better than the attempt I made at embroidering eyes on him.

He has a sculpey arm which took 3 attempts to get right. I think it's adorable. I should also mention that I probably relied a little too heavily on the powers of the hot glue gun, it doesn't look quite right but the belt buckle is still pretty cute in my opinion. Along with everything else of course.

And, of course, the insignia of the Alchemist on the back. I've not read/watched Full Metal Alchemist recently so I've forgotten the name of it, but it's essential to the outfit.

Melanie loved it, Kristy wants one too (birthday birthday who's got a birthday) and I find that I'll have to make a little guy with a hat or bandana next time so I don't have to mess as much with that dang "hair". *fistshake*

For those who are curious, you can find the pattern for the basic hyooman and his hair here at Geek Central Station.

Finally, for those of you scared to death of swineflu (oh yeah, I'm sure you all are), allow me to share with you some tips:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Seriously. Walked into the bathroom? If it was even just to blow your nose, WASH YOUR HANDS. In fact, any time you touch your face, wash your hands. Shake hands with someone else, wash your hands. And by wash your hands, either soap and water and a 20 second scrub or a hearty scrub with the antispeptic gel.

  • Cover your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze. Don't be crude and just cough into the surrounding air. If it catches you by surprise, sneeze into your shoulder. And then, WASH YOUR HANDS.

  • Feeling under the weather? Stay home. Can't? Then please warn your coworkers and try to isolate yourself as much as possible. Don't lunch with everyone else, either eat at your desk or after everyone's gone off to eat.

Bugs are like secrets. Keep them to yourself.

DC out.

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