Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

The one thing I love about New Year's Eve is that it's the last day of the year. Time to reset, refresh, renew. Of course, every evening is like that, too. I always set new goals for the new day but this is a little different. For one thing, I get to use a new planner:

From Drop Box

I have two because, um, I have split personalities and each prefers one charity over the other. And they're both so pretty and Borders had a sale and . . .

Anyways, it's been a huge year for me.

- I went to Texas to take the most intense exam I have EVER taken in my life. I mean, who goes out of state just to take an exam? I do!

- I went to California for the first time to see a friend. No, going when I was 4 does not count because I do not remember it.

- I moved to Utah and am closer with my friends, even though they don't knit (though one of them makes the most awesome comic called Bishie Hotline and the other makes the most amazing jewelry and Invader Zim things and so on over here at The Thorn And Rose and there are several others who might not make things but are still awesome in their own special way). I'm also closer with family and none of THEM knit either. Oh well, I'm sure they're special in their own way. Somehow. Nooo, don't hit me at the reunion!

- I wrote another novel, this one 75,000 words, which translates into 199 pages and I hated it at the end but I finished anyways and I may never publish because the market really really REALLY doesn't need another vampire book, as ironic and tongue-in-cheek as this one is.

- I lost 12 pounds this year.

And that's about the biggest things I can really think of. As for this coming year, I have a few plans.

- I'd like to pass that exam once and for all.
- I'd like to reach my weight goal.
- I'd like to run a 5k (dream big).
- I'd like to hang-glide, as long as it doesn't cost too much.
- I'd like to knit myself TWO sweaters.
- And I'd like to start learning how to get along better with myself and others.

Oh yes, 2009 is going to be monumental. And I'm putting the 'mental' in it.

P.S. Before I knit anything, maybe I should fix this:
From Drop Box

P.S.S. And not to be an ungrateful wretch, I did get a present from my Rubberswapper friend, ElizabethSABLE:
From Drop Box

See the ad for the Sow's Ear above the yarn? Knitting Cafe. I think I might start one out here. ;) Utah could use more places to knit and spill drinks. XD

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