Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gratitude Day!

I'm typing with gloves on to help with the outrageous rash on my hands so please forgive my typoes. They wouldn't normally be there, it's the vinyl and steroid cream.

But we all know that this is the time to be thankful and I got a list. I have so many things to be grateful for so I will keep it short. Ish. Maybe.

I am thankful for:

1. living in Utah where I have all these friends and have already made more.
2. National Novel Writing Month where there was bad book bashing, good book praising, Brandon Sanderson guest-speaking (ever read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan? He's writing the last one at the request of the widow since Mr. Jordan passed on) and I made new friends, one of whom lives a block away.
3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 streaming on WinAmp. <3
4. My new home where my room is almost twice as big as it once was and with a walk-in closet, too.
5. living close to temples! I don't have to drive 4 hours anymore.
6. My little brother who is smart, eager to please, and funny as hell.
7. my little sister who is such a clever and loving mom and has the patience of Job. 3 kids and 4 on the way, that's crazy awesome, lass.
8. smart doctors who are willing to go out on a limb to help me fix this rash I have on my hands, legs, and neck (it's chapped and overly dry skin, I'm pretty sure of it).
9. living close enough to an IKEA that I can get an awesome bookcase for all the books I want to collect.
10. being blessed with kidney problems that have helped me to grow and learn. I would not wish it on anyone, I can sympathize with people with AIDS because my own immune system is in the crapper thanks to the pills I take to keep my transplanted kidney with me, but I have also grown as a person in ways that I would not wish back ever.
11. Malabrigo. Mmm. I have never knit with it before but I am now and I think I have found a favorite yarn.
12. friends who are more than happy to put up with my strange ways. They are good to me and I love them.
13. the ability to laugh.
14. the discoveries I make about myself every day.
15. professionals who sacrifice their times to help others.
16. my mother who sacrificed so much for me and who has become one of my very best friends as I have grown into adulthood.
17. my father who is still terribly but charmingly protective of me.
18. art.
19. science.
20. the resilience of humankind.

And I am thankful for all of you who read this. This is a day of love and joy. Remember why it is you smile and give thanks silently and verbally because when you give thanks, it comes back to help you grow.

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