Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sure, I've been knitting.

When I packed, I brought a lot of yarn, thinking Sure! I'll have so much time that I'll probably be able to make a ton of socks! I'll just bring these ten skeins of yarn...

Yeah, I didn't knit much. I'm sure you could have predicted that, Kit the Knitter from the land of Slow. But I did recently complete a project, if you can believe that.

From Cere-knitty

It's in progress but you can see the true colors here.

From Cere-knitty

And here's she is finished. Not very long but it's a nice enough scarf for the oncoming cold.

From Cere-knitty

And snow.

From Cere-knitty

Now I'm making mom one because she wasn't too keen on something as opened and hole-y as the Clap. *snort*

Now leave me alone while I drool over the latest Twist Collective patterns.

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