Friday, August 08, 2008


I got a hair up my --- and it won't let me stay quiet.

You know, I may have been really naive for a lot longer than most kids but I didn't realize that people judged me by my differences until 6th grade. Yup, that's when it really struck me. I mean, I made friends with the kids no one else would sit with, not realizing that then others would associate me with the outcast rather than bringing the outcast in. But I think it's time I set the record straight.

I'm not blind. I can see when people make up their minds about me within 5 minutes of getting to know me. Or that they stick me in a slot that doesn't fit me because they know members of my family or friends or rumors. So I think I need to open some eyes here.

- I'm short, but that does not make me cute or young or willing to put up with your patronizing behavior.

- I'm blond but that does not make me a ditz, a moron, or a sheep following the bottle-blond herd.

- I've got blue eyes too. See above.

- I'm overweight. This does not make me lazy, greedy, or selfish.

- Sometimes I wear my hair curly. This does not make me silly.

- Sometimes I wear my hair straight. This does not make me sophisticated.

- I love anime, Renaissance Festivals, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and fantasy. This does not make me a dork or a geek.

- I'm a nurse but that doesn't mean I am going to diagnose the rash on your ---. Or anything else. See a doctor.

- I'm still single. That doesn't mean I want or need or deserve your pity, advice, or yenta-ism.

- I'm still a virgin. Do I seem naive, ignorant, prudish, or lonely to you?

- I have learned to want what I have and budget to afford what I don't have yet. Does that make me a rich snob?

- I'm LDS/Mormon. This does not mean I want a lot of children, that I never swear or drink caffeine, or will share my husband with other women.

Basically, I really don't fit your mold. Don't expect me to, I never will. No one ever really expects what I eventually reveal. I've surprised people with my appreciation of rock music, books thicker than my wrist, and knitting. Sometimes I don't mind, but sometimes I get so dang tired of the same old bias.

Break down your walls. Get to really know people around you. And get the hell off my lawn!

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