Tuesday, June 03, 2008

10 Ways the World Has Changed Since You’ve Been in School

1. Internet! When I started college, I got an email account on KU Telnet. It was kind of awesome and exciting and I had to use mom's office to access it.

2. Cellphones - I never had one until after my second kidney transplant. I had a pager up until before then and I would set it on vibrate and when it would go off, I'd always squeak because it felt just like a hamster digging in my pocket.

3. iPods - I had a tape player in high school, a CD player in college and then a MP3 CD player for a good while. I loved them all but my iPod has been the most awesome thing in the world. :D

4. TV - It used to be local channels. Then it was cable. Now it's satellite and flat-screens.

5. Grocery stores - Is it me or do most every one of them have a health food department now? Full of stuff made of soy and oatmeal and raisins and fake chocolate. I check it out for the sake of the tea.

6. Animated movies - I guess it's all CG'd now. Not that I dislike CG but there's something I like about cels and such.

7. Media in general - Increased violence and sexuality. I am pretty dang desensitized but even I get sick of seeing bedroom eyes and blood everywhere.

8. Kitchens - Flat top stoves SUCK. They just don't get hot enough. I like the ol' gas stoves. And then so many gizmos and gadgets! There's no room for half of these things I'm supposed to have to live day to day.

9. Health - It's all about being slender and no one thinks about the consequences of all these diet fads and how some of them just tear your body apart. Anything for the sake of "looking good", right? WRONG! Seriously, what on earth is up with this destructive attitude?

10. Cars - They're getting smaller and sleeker and give off water for exhaust. Neat!

What am I missing?

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