Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Puppy wub.

When I first saw this commercial, I got a little bit sniffly:

But I couldn't help but giggle when I saw the second part months and months later:

Daisy was kind of a similar case. Someone must have thought that they couldn't care for her very well, perhaps someone who was expecting a much smaller dog and within a year, realized that the girl was going to be quite large. So they dropped her off the side of some gravel road and drove off without her. Daisy is pretty resourceful, she made herself at home at a nearby farm where six other dogs were already at home. Dad was there one day with his Scouts, doing some fun boy thing or other when the farmer approached him and offered "Ralph" (hoping that boy dogs go faster than girl dogs, the farmer gave her a boy's name) to him. It didn't take much talking at all, we brought her home.

That's a recent picture, actually. She used to be a bit smaller, thinner, and her ears flopped over at the ends when we got her. She's also well-mannered and a bit of a drama queen. But that's alright, there are enough girls in this family that we all know how to handle drama queens. ;)

Sock Madness has started and I have never knitted a sock so fast. Thursday is generally a busy day and not only did I have Institute but I was scheduled to work that night. The announcement came out that the pattern would be coming out between noon and 5pm EST. I knew I would be lingering around the computer but since I'm a good girl, I went to Institute anyways (a religion class). I tried hard not to think about the socks but when class let out, I was gone!

I managed to at least grab the mail before I ran in and checked my email. ahh, the pattern had arrived--an hour ago! Well, I cast on like a maniac and knitted for the three and a half hours I had until work. Then I knit during my break. Then I knit after I got home and into the wee hours of the morning. Friday at 10, my first sock was done. And strangely enough, the day followed just as the day before had and by Saturday morning, I had two socks finished, off the needles, and snugly on my feet.

They're very nice and I love the construction of the heel, very well thought-out. And I'm in the running for Round 2, yay!

And that's all for now. I feel a little under the weather, most likely due to some bug I picked up. Everyone's sick, my dad was sick this weekend and my coworker has the most alarming cough (though she's finished her antibiotics). But I'm surprised I haven't picked up anything earlier. I must be quite healthy not to get that sick this year.

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