Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I had quite the weekend. Those who should know already do but yeah, there was no passing when it came to my Clinicals. I did 90% of my sobbing-until-I-hyperventilated-and-
saw-galaxies-before-my-eyes in the bathroom across from the elevators that took us up to our Patient Care Situations. I was not a happy camper but then my dad whisked me away to my uncle and aunt and cousin out near Austin and I had a very good cheering-up.

I have to say that this was a good learning experience, as all experiences generally are. I'm thinking that I'll be looking into some sort of anti-anxiety drugs before I try this again and I will continue studying. And out of sheer coincidence, THIS article happened to pop up on Zen Habits. Of course, I've done all that already, but always good to have the reminder. But thanks to all for prayers and happy thoughts, they did work.

And now I'm in Kansas City waiting for the doctor to come by and tell me I'm still healthy. Gee, I could have saved the trip and called in to say as much but at least I can hit up Misknits and The Studio while I'm here. They're a sneeze away!

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