Friday, March 02, 2007

This one's for my Lime & Violet Yarn Pr0n Swap pal

1. What kind of fibers do you prefer?
Oh, I like higher-quality type wool. I'm always open to accept merino and alpaca and the like into my yarn family. It's aaalll good.
2. What kind of weight do you prefer (sock, worsted, bulky)?
Generally if I'm going to get any sort of weight yarn, I want enough for a whole project. At this point, it's cheaper to get sock yarn for me but I love it all.
3. Do you spin?
Yes but not at the moment.
4. Do you crochet?
Sure do but I prefer knitting.
5. Are there any books, patterns, magazines would you like to own that you don't?
Barbara Walker Treasure books. Any of 'em.
6. Are you participating in any themed a-longs like the Project Spectrum?
Just the Yarn Focus Challenge where I ponder my purchases before I make 'em. It's a little like a yarn stash diet but not quite. I still accept presents of yarn. <3
7. Do you have a wishlist on or (provide a link)
Here's mine. I will make you chocolate cookies if you get me Doctor Who. *wicked grin* I'm teasing, it's not required.
8. Any Etsy stores that you would love to get something from?
I adore this seller's earrings and, uh, anything else. I'm open.
9. What other crafty things are you involved in (quilting, drawing, painting)?
I love to draw.
10. What is your favorite sort of scent?
I love Rain-scented things. Things that kind of smell fresh, nothing that smells like food.
11. Do you have a sweet tooth and what kind of sweets do you like best?
I'm a real sucker for Junior Mints. And homemade goodies are maaarvelous.
12. What kind of music do you like?
Hmm, I like Celtic music sung by women artists. I'm also a fan of Sara McLachlan, Tori Amos, October Project, Blackmore's Night, etc. Kinda get the genre? I don't think there's a specific name for it.
13. What do you like to knit? And for whom?
I love lace and I'm knitting for various people.
14. What sort of things do you like to collect?
Dragons! I like more elegant sort of dragons (and I have the Dragonology books, they're awesome). Goofy dragons, eh, not so much.
15. Do you want needles? And what kind do you prefer?
I am a really big fan of Susan Bates DPNs. I have plenty of 1s and 2s but smaller I do not have. *ahem*

I realize that perhaps I'm a little difficult to shop for but sock yarn is awesome, dragons are neat, homemade goodies are the bomb. ;3 Decent guidlelines, no?

P.S. About colors, I LOVE cool colors (greens, blues, purples, especially all together, whee!) and burgundies.

P.P.S. for everyone else, I PASSED MY LAST UNIT EXAM!!! It was so killer, I really didn't think I'd pass it and I'd abandoned most everything to study it (including knitting) but it was worth it! Yay!

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  1. ok, woman, you coulda been me! elegant dragons, the dragonology books, loving blues & greens & purples! gah!

    have you seen anne mcaffrey's "A Diversity of Dragons?" the story is a bit simple, but the artistry? amazing. i've used the pictures for inspiration for my own "artwork." (i hooked a rug (sort of it's stilla work in progress (7 years later, lol))).

    lemme guess. dragoncelt?

    congrats on the test, too!