Monday, March 12, 2007

Not until a hot January (or a chilly August)

First off, check out who's the new editor for Interweave Knits! YAY FOR EUNNY! I feel I should have a little cabinet with her picture and yarny streamers ala Alton Brown's dedication to "King" Louis Pasteur. If you don't know what I mean, it's on the episode of Good Eats called Churn Baby Churn II. I think.

As for my knitting, well, the topic is meant to mean when I'll be able to wear this Nantucket Jacket. It's supposed to hit almost 80 this week and I still have a sleeve and all that finishing left to go. Woe! No way am I wearing something made of dark purple Cascade 220 when it's not 40-some degrees or below. Oh well, I'll have it for next year, though I will more than likely have to re-knit it since I am definitely losing weight (6 pounds since January 1 with plenty more to lose). Oh well, it's all about the joy of knitting, right? ...right?

Or I'll just frog all that yarn again and make something better, I don't know, I'm about done with that yarn, this is the second incarnation it's had and the Nantucket Jacket has been a bit of a tedious knit. Some people thrive on cables and decreases and increases to keep the project from being dull. I rather like how I can just zoom along in knit/purl stockinette. I have to keep focused on this thing.

Whatever, next project is to finish the Mountain Peaks Shawl. It's destined for my mom, hopefully in time for her radiation.

No, she doesn't want anymore socks.

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