Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some say the devil is dead and buried in Killearny

Whew, hi, I'm back! I went to Utah and didn't do a blessed thing except, y'know, maybe

finish a sock. That'd be Scout's Swag Sock something in Orchid in the Chevron pattern of Sensational Knitted Socks (psst, if you check out Zooba, they have it for $10. But you gotta sign up and they require a good explanation for why you want to leave when you do. But good books there, yes!) on size #1 US DPNs. Phew. The second one is about midway up the foot, not at the heel yet.

I picked up where I had left off on Mim's Mountain Peaks Shawl and I'm on Chart 3 now. I did enough tinking to make my head spin but that's what happens when you are watching Avatar: The Last Air-bender as you knit. I'm sometimes not so smart.

The Nantucket Jacket is currently blocking. Well, all except the right front panel because I do NOT have enough room! Madness! I should have blocked as I went. It's what I did for the Rogue, after all. Bother and drat.

Anyways, that's about all the fun stuff I have to update you on regarding knitting. I had an AWESOME time in Utah. I got caught up in the madness and fun of Buster Keaton with my bestest best friends Emily, Kristy, and Melanie. I ate out at Zupas, which is the best soup/salad/sandwich place IN THE WORLD (dear Lawrence, do you want to be more awesome? Then get a Zupas. Although I do love you for Jimmy Johns, I guess nowhere's perfect) and saw my beautiful new nephew, Kade, who looks like my sister this time instead of my bro-in-law.

And I still can't respond to comments via Haloscan which is a real pain in the as...cetabulum. If I can't figure out some program that allows me to reply to comments, I might just move everything over to Greatest Journal or something like that.

Now that might not be such a bad idea. Hmm.

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