Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still no knitting here.

After a bit of work, experimentation, screwing up, screwing around, and finally getting the hang of it, I made me some yarn. It's not plyed yet (I'm gonna go for that Navajo ply, this yarn needs to be 3-ply) but hey, I'm just not feeling altogether humble about my work. This was hard!

Fiber: Bonker's Merino/Tencel in Dragonfly. Very soft!
Spindle: Journey Wheel's Featherweight spindle in Cherry with a Birch shaft. I looove this spindle. It just keeps spinning and spinning and I can spin so nice and fine on it!
Time: A very, very...VERY long time. But less than a year, I think.
Weight: Er...well, it changes thick and thin but no thicker than about fingering and no thinner than the occasional cobweb before it snapped because I was an idiot.

I have to say, I mostly taught myself. I spin while watching MST3K on Shoutcast (on WinAmp!) and though it's not at all mindless work, it is rather simple work and I enjoy it. I encourage anyone who wants to give spinning a try to pick up a spindle, some wool, and give it a whirl (har har)!

I can't say what this may become but it's soft and silky and pretty and may end up in a hat or scarf as embellishment. And I will definitely spin with Bonkers stuff again, it's high quality and not tricky at all to work with in my opinion.

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  1. Kit, that's gorgeous! I can't believe it's your first attempt. I'm trying to fight off the urge to buy a spindle!