Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's finally here.

I got caught in the rain going from a visit-teachee's home to my visit-teaching-partner's car. Absolutely drenched; my hair curled, my sweater was damp and I did not feel terribly cold. It was a balmy 70 degrees outside with the sun down, very comfortable.

Today it was overcast, no surprise there but what did surprise me was that by about noon, I heard the distinct tapping of what else, hail. Daisy and I went outside for a walk and I ended up walking like a little old lady, hunched against the wind and taking small, careful steps on the slippery, frozen hail.

I have then decided I needed some mittens. This while I'm knitting me up two different socks. And an alpaca scarf.

It's a manifestation of the fact that I have been very weary of knitting. The yarn desire is still there and all. Maybe it's the fact that I want so much. Maybe I haven't found a project that has captured me like the stole. I loved that stole. I loved the color and the lightness of the yarn. And now I'm dreaming of another Mountain Peaks. One to replace the one that soared out the window of my Honda Civic when moving back to Kansas. It's somewhere out in the desert, being its own really terrific story. I need me some lace. I need to find me my lace-knitting circ.

But in the meantime, my Thanksgiving was marvelous. I stayed with my sweet and quite pregnang sister and her darling family. Her babies are my babies, such sweet kids. I visited my friends and had an awesome time watching X-men with Riff Trax. If you are a MST3K fan and miss them, go for this. Trust me, MST3K lives on through Mike Nelson! I'm curious to watch The Grudge with RiffTrax now. Not curious enough to actually do it though, The Grudge had me staring at the hole in the wall of my room at my uncle's in suspicion. Brr. But I definitely want to see xXx with it, ha! I hope they do Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, too, following the fine arse work of Vin Diesel.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my grandparents, which was marvelous. I had, I believe, a little bit of everything. Except for the pies. Too many!

And the next day I went through five hours of dental work, whee. It was a root canal into dead tooth...long story. Sadly, I couldn't knit through it. It would have helped. Ah well.

All in all, fine holidays. Not everyone seems to have had them and I'm sorry. I do hope Christmas makes things better but of all holidays, I do believe that Thanksgiving is my favorite. It's the underdog of holidays and it doesn't focus on anything but hard work and family and friends. It's being grateful that you're alive, that there are good things in your life and that there are challenges to make you strong to better appreciate the good things.

Thanks Christina, for letting us stay. Thanks to all of you who visit and subscribe to my little blog. Thanks to everyone who comments and those who just lurk. You are all special to me.

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  1. Thanks for staying with us and putting up with noise and chaos. It was fun to have you and as you know, there will always be a bed waiting for you!