Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ohhh...I don't feel so good. It feels like I'm gonna...I'm gonna...

HORRRFFFF!!! GAG...COUGH...cough...huff...

I feel better. Oof, it's all over my desk. Man. I guess sometimes yarn takes almost a violent exception to being knit up into a stupid-looking hat Now, it wasn't exactly the pattern's fault. Nor was it the yarn. It was the combination of the two that provided for a violent (urp) reaction.

But, y'know, that's about all the knitting that has been going on around here. Knitting and frogging (or ripping it out) then knitting again, frogging again, trying to ignore the clash of knitting vs. writing muses who are struggling for supremacy. After all, National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow and I have all the intention in the world to write the next bestseller. *snerk*

We'll see what November holds for us. October was good, it was very good. But I'm ready for November.

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  1. Hehehe, this made me laugh, and distracted me from the fact that I cannot go out tonight due to a latin test tomorrow morning!

    As an aside, Tychus is the only hat I have ever made... I like them.