Thursday, June 08, 2006

J is for... / WIPs

J is for...JAM! I made my first Strawberry Freezer Jam a few weeks ago. It is divine, let me tell you. Smuckers has NOTHING on stuff you make yourself with your uncle's blender.

The red socks remind me strongly of Swedish Fish but only prettier. And not edible. The pattern is the Tiger Eye pattern found in Socks, Socks, Socks and I think the most charming part other than the lace is the lace-mock-cable on the back leg. Also, is it just me or do people have some laaarge feet? I fear that the Sockapaloooza person I'm rescueing with these may not have such large feet. But...she said 10 inches. Maybe I'm just a little befuddled since my feet are smaller. Size 7, yannow.

As for the Trekking socks...I do a lot of Trekking but I tend to leave the knitting behind and go with the dog and my m:robe instead (think iPod poseur). But this is as far as I've gotten before devoting myself solely to the Swedish Fish red Sockapaloooza Savior Socks. The pattern is Creeping Vines from I forget where (if someone recognizes the pattern, let me know) and I thought it looked great but now I'm not so sure, at least with this yarn. I may rip it out and do something else, heaven knows I have enough sock patterns on my harddrive to have PLENTY of options. Or perhaps someone may wish to make their own suggestions? And no, I don't think I'll do the Jaywalk socks. Something about them makes me shy away, I'm sorry.

Anyways, everyone have a good rest of the week, I know I need it. After all, I flooded the basement kitchen yesterday and, well, I'm still doing a little damage control. Oy.


  1. If you want to wait a few days I'm going to post a free pattern for the socks I'm knitting iwth trekking. They fit very well, and they have enough texture to keep things interesting, but not enough to overpower the color changes in the trekking.

  2. I'm knitting a pair of socks with that exact same Trekking, I think. I like your pattern much more than the plain stockinette I'm doing. In fact, I like that yarn better in the skein than knitted up.

    BTW, 10" sock length fits a size 9 shoe--that's not so big--pretty typical, actually, judging by how all the size 9 shoes are so hard to find (but plenty of 6's and 7's or 10's and 11's). I'm just sayin'.