Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where Kit makes a fool of herself.

It was a day. I could not sit and concentrate on my studies at all. So after a while, I abandoned it for tidying my room and getting the Kitting Bag ready for the stitch'n'bitch. There was some work on the Mystery Stole and I realized the magic of not knitting so tightlyyyyiiieeee! Genius, Kit! Your medal is in the mail along with your reimbursement check for your Nursing Concepts 5 exam. Right.

Well, around 5:30ish, I printed the directions, refueled Tohru and headed to SLC. Then this exchange took place.
Tohru: "Hey Kit, guess what you forgot to do today."
Kit: "Eh?"
Tohru: "Feeling a bit...warm?"
Kit: "Aw shit. The refrigerant."
Tohru: "Bwaahaa, you are so screwed."
Kit: "Just you wait, I'll do it tomorrow."
Tohru: "But it's 104 outside now." *more evil cackling*
Kit: "Grr..." *weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth*

So no air-conditioning in the Tohru. But oh well, there are alternate options, like...oh, windows.

I had good directions this time, though I passed the place once...oops. But I found it second time around and that's when it struck, the shyness.

I was going in, that much was true. But was I lame enough to bring in the Kitting Bag? Oh no, I wore such a lame shirt. And my hair, such a mess! Oh noes, oh noes...and then the Spine Chip I had installed not too long ago kicked in. "Girl, what are you thinking? You bring that bag to Vermillion Skies and defy anyone to call you lame, then! You grab that bag, you finish that sock, and you have fun! That's an order!" Well, who can really ignore such orders? Not me.

I walk in and I think I catch someone talking about 'Kit'. I have an admission to make...my real name is Kirstin. Kit's an online monniker and though it's perfectly acceptable to call me that offline, I'm still trying to get used to it. Anyway, I meekly walk up and make my introduction and I'm afraid I never really caught everyone's name. But everyone was very warm and inviting. I sat in a tall chair for a bit, but felt a bit aloof up there, so I sat next to, er, Susan (I'm so sorry for not catching anyone's names! Well, except for Margene). It was so much fun, especially when the lass who was working on the scarf got into an intense Harry Potter discussion with Susan. *laugh* Oh that was so much fun. I *must* check out MuggleNet now. It seems that Harry Potter is more of a murder mystery than a fun fantasy story.

Oh, and I'm so coming back, though not next week, since I need to be in bed by 10pm to be up by 4am for work.

But I am a bit embarassed...the topic meandered to homosexuality. Disclaimer: The Kit does not care about sexual orientation, it does not change who the person is, really. Anyways, lovely-scarf girl was agrieved to the reference of a place by the virtue of its orientation to the house a pair of "gay guys" lived. And I wondered, well, if that's how one understood where the place is, well, isn't it the same as saying "the house behind the blue house" or "behind the house with the large swimming pool and rabid hamsters." After all, I'm sure the men knew that they were an anomaly in that neighborhood, just as I know I was in Kansas, the 27 year old virgin. Just as I am here. *laugh* Anyways, I talked about the gay couple in my neighborhood who amused me by mowing the lawn without shirts on (mmm, eye-candy). They were nice guys with a wonderful sense of decor. I liked them well enough. But I'm sure that by saying that they were a couple of 'gay guys', I was not being politically correct. And when I want to impress people, I don't want to leave on a bad note...oh dear.

I have a confession to make. I do object to men being gay. Gay men can't be seduced by The Kit. That's my only objection.

Anyways, now I'm ready to sleep and figure out what this goose-egg bump behind my ear is.

P.S. If you guys could introduce yourself so I know who is who, please? Thank you!


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    What a great post Kirsten! You made me smile :) Yay other knitters! -SP

  2. I'm Susan; aka IKAFAIK

  3. Well, look at that. I've gone and botched my own blog name:
    I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can

  4. *laugh* Thank you, Susan. I don't know if I forgot everyone's names or didn't hear them when everyone was being introduced.