Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lessons I learned.

1. Even if I feel better, it is NOT wise to lug a 50 pound box from the upstairs corner of the house into the basement. Three days later and I'm STILL feeling it. Sharply.

2. When driving to a wedding that is two hours away, lace knitting makes it go faster. Also, when contentious little sisters on hypersensitive "just wait till you say that about MY kids when they're that age!" mode (no, love, your children have a mommy who stays home and cares for them, our cousins aged 7 & 9 and carry on like Lord of the Flies, do not), it is good to pretend that you're in a Very Difficult Part of the Knitting and cannot be bothered.

3. When parents are over and you are PMSing, do not play with the fine, sharp dpns your socks are sitting on. It's just creepy.

4. When you see a book that's gone out of print show up at for a few bucks lower than the title price (and all the other offers come up between $30 - $70), SNATCH IT LIKE THE CRAZY MAD WOMAN YOU ARE!!! Just like I did. (Note: It was the Tap-Dancing Lizard that I saw at the Topeka Library weeks and weeks ago...I'm not a fan of intarsia and fair-isle, normally had dragons. *weak-kneed*)

I would like to warn you all that I am cooking up a Joy Of Being A Woman: Single Version post. If you're a strong feminist, you may just want to click on one of the delicious links on the right hand column and pretend that you still love me when that post pops up.

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