Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kit Knitter and the Half Finished Objects.

Oh ho ho, such a clever subject title, I win! Just kidding. I lose because I haven't been knitting much at all. Or doing much else, just kind of working to come home too exhausted to do much. I really ought to just start scheduling for afternoon shift, then I'm not so tired. I'm such a night owl, after all.

My SP is a huggable, squishable darling. I love her (I'm assuming she's a she here) and her presents. The knit bag is so excellent. I can't tell you much the sheep amused me as well. I tried not to break it as I pulled out the measure and then watched it zip back in. How unpleasant for the sheep, however. To have your tail pulled and then your middle squashed. Teehee...I'm so silly. I even started a sock with the Regia that she gave me from her stash *love*. This on top of the other UFOs waiting for me. Thank you so much!

Speaking of UFOs...this is really pathetic. Since I came back from Kansas, I've done very little knitting, as I mentioned. I have no pictures because I haven't really advanced much from the pictures of UFOs from last time. *shame*

However, I have good news. I'm going to start on an experimental immunosuppressant. Seeing as how it's just the enteric coated version of one I'm already taking and the FDA has already approved this drug, I'm not too worried that it'll make me grow a tentacle tail or a third head or something like that. But I get 3 months of free experimental drug plus...compensation. Since I'll be doing this at U of U in SLC (where I had my first kidney transplant, huzzah!), I think I'm going to explore after visits, finding some lovely yarn stores. I want to visit the Unsheared Sheep store in Sandy again, that was a fun store. But I do hope the drug works. If that's the case, I don't have to buy Imodium every month or two. Man, yesterday was a bad day...I took 3 of the lousy imodiums and then laid in bed all day. I'm glad I didn't have to work despite being scheduled already. *sigh*

Anyways, I'm still waiting for Knitpicks to come through so that I can send off my package to MY SP already. *laugh* And I'm trying to be all packed up since I'm moving into my cousin's room so that he and the other cousin from the basement can share THIS room while my eldest cousin and his soon-to-be wife can have the basement to themselves.

Once they move out though, the basement SHALL BE MINE, MUWAAHAAHAA! or at least until I get my own apartment, which I'm desperate for. Must study to get a good job as an RN first. *determined*

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Oh I am so glad you got the package and that you are having fun with the sheepie! I really wanted one of those too, but my SP just sent me a different rockin tape measure....

    Don't fret about the lack of knitting. I didn't knit a single stitch all of last summer! -SP