Wednesday, January 04, 2012

WIP Wednesday: January 4

Before I go into the featured Work In Progress, there is something that needs mentioning.

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes someone's mother has a brain tumor and the only thing that springs to mind is the thought that her last days would be spent in comfort if she had a little something from her own mother to keep her. Except that the only thing she got to keep from her mother is a sweater's worth of old, scratchy mohair. And the only one that someone knows who could turn that mohair into something worth enjoying is that someone's niece.

Enter the Scarf.

I knew just what to do with this yarn as soon as I got it. Three skeins of Bernat mohair plus and it would be a Simple Lace Scarf (Ravelry Link) on US#13 needles.

Now most people ought to know that I am an 85% selfish knitter. Sure, I'll knit for others if I know them and I like them and can be assured that my knits will be well received, which is why this scarf is a bit of a hit-or-miss. I don't know my Aunt Lea's mom. I don't know Aunt Lea's grandmom. But here I am, knitting up scratchy mohair that, to be honest, is just a shade softer than twine. I wondered why. Why would I do this for a total stranger?

Because I love Aunt Lea. Sure, my other aunts are great but when I had flubbed my clinicals for RN school, she was the one who was able to get my mind off of things by talking with me until the wee hours of the morning. She is the only one that I've honestly been able to connect with. I've seen her home and the incredible amount of books everywhere, books that I have read, books that I plan to read, books that sounded like I would love if I could remember the title and author. She has opened up to me and I to her and I realized that if she is this cool, her mother could only be just as awesome, if not more.

And to be honest, if my mom had a brain tumor and wanted, maybe, a hot tub installed in her bathroom or something else that I couldn't do and I knew someone who could do it, absolutely I would ask them to do it for me. Well, for compensation but hey, hopefully at a discount because it's family and they love me.

Either way, that picture was taken at 11am and right now I've finished up the second skein, the scarf is about 3 feet, and I'm about done. One more day.


  1. From the Official Proclamation of the SKCers:
    "...any knittings/crocheting done for friends/family who just created human life OR are fighting hard to preserve human life are knittings/crocheting done from the heart and not because of the selfishness of others and are therefore free from scorn and spite in this group!" (emphasis mine)

    No scorn here. The original misunderstanding was whether or not you actually wanted to do it; which, obviously, you do!

    It's a much nicer color than I originally thought it was going to be! And the pattern is quite nice. Me likes. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE ME ONE! Hee hee.

  2. I had no idea you were doing that for her! You are awesome!