Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's on my needles Wednesday

So I say it won't be all about knitting and then post about my knitting. I'm a genius. But hey, I can study flashcards while I knit, it's marvelous! I feel so very efficient.

Anyways, I've been working on the Simple Knitted Bodice for about a week now. It's not anything complicated, pretty dang straightforward but I did rebel and decide that rather than use $28/skein silk yarn (drat you, Tili Tomas, you and your yarn and your high-rise condo fund), I'm using some discount Cascade 220 yarn. Sure, it won't be just like in the pictures but it will be nice and elastic.

I had a hard time getting gauge with the alternate needles. Nothing I had would knit the Cascade 220 at 28st/4". I got somewhat close with #3s but it just wasn't cutting it and I couldn't find long enough #3s (16"? Oh, I don't THINK so, I am NOT knitting a hat here). Oh well, my #4s will do, the waist just won't be as small and defined. :P

And then my Esther Socks are coming along SOOO slowly, it's ridiculous. I'm finding that I'm just not as crazy about Trekking XXL as I was about the color (such lovely burgundy). I've been wearing my RPM made with Socks That Rock and I keep wishing I had more socks just like them. I need more Socks That Rock. :d Such delicious yarn. And that Covelite looks very pretty, too. But do I want to go with lightweight or mediumweight? Why is there less yardage on lightweight? That just seems stupid. But the mediumweight is so...thick. Hmm.

Anyways, here's a peek at the Esther Socks:

Gorgeous color, no? And that pattern, very sweet. Pretty easy, too. Sock 2 is has the twists going the other way so they're symmetrical. :D

Gosh it's late, I'm off to bed to dream of nice yarn.

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