Monday, December 06, 2010

Stage Tour

I love Utah. I really do. I have so many more friends here, I love the weather better, and I'm closer to my beloved family here.

On that note, I have to say that I resent that there seem to be fewer nearby yarn stores. But hey, if you can't get yarn, you make yarn!


Back during the great Yarn Quest of 2010 where Briana came to visit, I bought some roving in Gothic Punk. I've gotten so sick of knitting and crocheting that I picked up spinning again. And it's really a nice relaxing hobby until my back protests from sitting up so much.

That's about a third of it right there.

It's Merino & Tussah Silk and it really is as soft as it sounds. In fact, it's almost as fun prepping the roving as it is spinning it up.

But I just couldn't stop with that stuff. So Etsy had a few sellers offering Blue-Faced Leicester for cheap and since I had never worked with that before but it seemed so very soft, I bought a couple 4ozers of the stuff.

Plum Dandy by Blue Mountain Handcrafts

Wooly Cupcakes by Stefknits

Gorgeous, huh? I don't think I'll go through it too fast but that's fine, I just like the pretties.


I finished my third Edith The Hat (Ravelry Link). And I have to say, they have been so fun to knit and quite popular as well.

It's so easy to spot my Mom in a crowd with that hat.

Of course, the third has gone off to Mrs. Brooke.

Cute colors, no? I love them! :D

And finally, a little secret project for our hosts over at Jaxies:

Roger and Dee have been so kind to us and so gracious to let us come and use their establishment for our knitting group that I thought to make up a few ornaments for their all-year tree. :D I have a mitten and a pair of socks already. And they're so cute and made out of leftover sock yarn and patterns are just off the top of my wee head.

Then Marudesigns needed test knitters for her socks so I volunteered. Her pattern is lovely and I finished the socks on Saturday before work and photographed them yesterday.

She's named them Galaxy Socks and you can search for them on Ravelry soon.

I used leftover KnitPicks Gloss and needle size US#1.

And that's about it. So much for being a selfish knitter, eh? I guess that's why I bought the buttons. ;)

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  1. I agree, we need more yarn shops. Preferably next door to Gracie Lou's. That'd be awesome.

    The socks came out great! And the Gothic Punk is looking mighty fine as well.

    My husband chuckled over the button and then told me the story behind why there were pin-up girls during WWII.

    I haven't knit any ornaments at all. Knitter Fail.